In tough times Miles Pratcher kept the family's spirits up by playing guitar accompaniment to the rhythmic stomping of his horse's stationary foxtrot. Della Daniels vividly remembers this story and other fond memories of her grandfather whom folklorist Alan Lomax recorded on their porch over 50 years ago. She was there as was her sister Angela and cousin Ester. They clearly absorbed the spirit of that inspired music.


Those three girls, now women with families of their own are known as The Como Mamas, and sing pure soul stirring gospel that is thrilling and compelling to witness first hand. They sing old traditional hymns as well as more recent gospel standards.


Rendered in the a cappella ferocity of those timeless spirituals, The Como Mamas convey the richness of their real experience through song. Dorothy Love Coates and Mahalia Jackson would be hard pressed to deliver more expressive renditions of such music.




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