The SMUM Big Band is one of the best known and beloved Big Bands on the Ticino Jazz scene. Thanks to the distinctive and extremely rich artistic-educational combination of teachers and students of the SMUM Modern School of Music, it is a real stylistic and experimental research operation.


It had the honor of hosting famous artists such as Jerry Bergonzi, Franco Ambrosetti, Bob Mintzer, Massimo Lopez, Simona Bencini, Claudio Taddei and many others. Directed by Gabriele Comeglio, one of Italy’s most prominent arrangers and conductors of Jazz orchestras and teacher at SMUM, the group presents a program that is the result of the patient transcriptions of many “classics” focused on the music of the great jazz orchestras of the 50s - 60s.


“SMUM has followed with courage the same evolution that jazz formations have had from the end of the 19th century to the present day, showing how in jazz music small groups can coexist with great orchestras. Congratulations!” Franco Ambrosetti


SMUM, whose Big Band brings together teachers and students, is the main structure in Ticino for the teaching of modern music. It offers courses for beginners, advanced courses and a unique pre-professional course in Ticino that allows those wishing to continue their studies in music to access a university school of the Jazz Department in Switzerland and in Europe.


Direzione: Gabriele Comeglio
Sax: Gabriele Comeglio, Olmo Antezana, Piero Canino, Pierluigi Altea, Giovanna Carroccetto
Tromba: Emilio Soana, Alessio Canino, Lorenzo Medici, Michele Giambonini 
Trombone: Danilo Moccia, Francesco Negrisolo, Enrico Del Prato, Marco Gadda 
Pianoforte: Mario Rusca 
Chitarra: Giorgio Meuwly 
Contrabbasso: Marco Conti 
Batteria: Guido Parini 




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