From Show-girl, to a penetrating Gospel Singer; Judith Emeline has a warm and harmonious voice, packed full of Jazz tones and let’s not forget that hint of the Blues coming from the very soul of this beautiful and talented being. Judith was born in Birmingham UK, of Jamaican parentage. Judith explained, “I am very proud of my Jamaican heritage and I am sure I can feel the energy of that beautiful island and the energy of the clear blue Caribbean Sea, coursing through my very vein”. 


In parallel to her schooling Judith studied singing and dancing at The Sheila Marie Stage School, from the age of three years old and she has not looked back since. In 1991 the move to the Italian region of Switzerland “Lugano” gave rise to a whole new chapter in Miss Emeline’s life, both musically and personally. Ticino soon became a place to call home. “It’s been a twenty-seven-year tour of Switzerland and it’s been one Big Gig and a great adventure! From radio to TV, from Theatres to Festivals. I have been very fortunate”, Judith said. 


Some of the many TV programmes and shows she had the pleasure of being involved with are; “Parole parole”, “Cinebò”, “Storie di stelle”, “Amici miei”. TSI “Tele-Tombola”; performing amongst well-known stars such as Ami Stewart, Toto Cotugno and Irene Grandi. Shows like “8 & compagnia”, “100% in compagnia” and the unforgettable “Compagnia bella”, presented by Carla Norghauer, with the band Venus & Mars. More recently we have seen Judith taking a big part in the RSI series “Bande e cuori”. It doesn’t end here, 2017 gave way to a new musical adventure for young singers and a possibility for Judith Emeline to work as a Vocal Coach at the RSI television centre, with “La mia banda suona il folk”. 


Blues To Bop is very happy and proud to have Judith as a singer and M.O.C. / M.C. (Master Of Ceremonies). Judith will sing a few songs with Duncan McKenzie and Dany Franchi.





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