Thursday, 25 August
9 pm, Piazza Dante


Friday, 26 August 
9 pm, Piazza della Riforma


Saturday, 27 August

9 pm, Piazza San Rocco

12 am, Piazza della Riforma


Sunday, 28 August
11 am, Hall del LAC


Kyla Brox has had the most incredible life and career in step with the maturing of her wonderful talents.  At the age of only thirteen she occasionally appeared in her father's band - the well known prolific blues and folk singer Victor Brox. 


Then, just turned twenty, she was the featured vocalist on a tour of Australia during which she traveled almost 40,000 kilometers.  Australia was a long way from home for a young girl born in Manchester, England where, on her return she started her solo career and often appeared in duo with her musical and life partner Danny Bromeley, as she will at BTB.  


She has a magnificent soul voice which she unleashes to run the emotions from loss, pleasure and pain just as did the great singers of the tradition.  
Veteran of hundreds of gigs, often in the not always hospitable venues of north-west Lancashire, she has become an intense, charismatic performer who holds her audiences spellbound.  Her song writing talent will also be on display in Lugano where numbers like "Beautiful Day" from her new CD are sure to be hits at the festival.  




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