STEWART HAY | harmonica
FERCI KOVÁCS | guitar & vocals
VINCE SZÉLL | percussion
The name T.Rogers comes from the Hungarian Troger, which in everyday language means "artist unknown to the general public" or the classical idea of a very good artist but unlucky and poor. Since the band wanted a name that sounded "American" without abandoning its origins, they decided on this unusual but funny mix.
T.Rogers is a band from Budapest, has 6 elements and an average age of 25, but each musician has at least 13 years musical experience. Their music is defined by them as"Joy and Blues", that means a very particular type of blues: their aim is to entertain and transmit passion to the public in a friendly and jovial environment. Their favorite areas are clubs, concerts and Blues festival where they can have direct contact with the public.
Their 2006 album "By The Driver Blues" has been aired on radio in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Estonia, Argentina, Portugal and, of course, in Hungary. Thanks to its success, the group has been able to participate in different nights in clubs and at various European festivals.
In 2008 the song "Goin 'Home Train" was finalist at the "International Songwriting Competition" and the song "Liftin 'Walk" was also chosen in the semi-finals. The next year, "Goin 'Home Train" was also a finalist at' "International Acoustic Music Awards."

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