MAQS ROSSI | lead vocals

MATTEO ROSSI | back vocals

ALICE “MAYA” PIGLIUCCI | back vocals

PAOLO COSA | keyboards




ROB LOPEZ | drums



The essence of this spectacular mix is the union of American funk traditions as well as R & B sound mixed with the most innovative trends in black music, between nu-soul and hip hop, with the influences of European Pop Music. Maqs Rossi & The South Soul Bronx Funk is a project that combines the talent of a young singer who grew up in musical studies of jazz and Afro-American music with a pool of musicians who have experienced in the last thirty years the evolution of these musical genres, working with big U.S. and European names.


Maqs Rossi is an Italian-Swiss, twenty-nine year old singer and instrumentalis with a strong experience in many different genres of music (ska, reggae, soul and hip hop).


The South Soul Bronx Funk is composed of renowned professionals of the European scene, led by Rob Lopez, an american drummer, composer and arranger, who’s career includes collaborations with Tito Puente, Billy Paul, Branford Marsalis and Kool & The Gang.


A mix of freshness and experience, where the sounds of classic "black sound" are combined with more modern sounds resulting an energetic and vibrant show. Solidity and compactness of the sounds march hand in hand with a stage presence capable of engaging even the most staid listener. They include memorable classics, funk, and precious jewels of the original songs that stylistically provide a bridge between tradition and modernity.

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