Theo Croker
Piero Canino
Nolan Quinn
Irwine Hall
Steinar Sonk Nickelsen | Keyboards and Syntheizers.
E.J. Parker | Bass
Alex Ritz | Drums

Lugano Blues to Bop has always sought out local musicians to showcase in the festival programme. This should not be confused with “Lugano Blues” which is a totally separate initiative taking place in Piazza Dante. This year’s festival project brings musicians from a distant continent to teach and play with our local jazzmen. Thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of Guido Parini and Giorgio Meuwly, directors of the Lugano Scuola di Musica Moderna, it has been possible for Nolan Quinn and Piero Canino to meet and study with Theo Croker and Irwin Hall from Shanghai, China. On stage, masters and students will be joined by the rhythm section from Croker’s Afrosonic Orchestra and, if other similar successful projects are an example, the public can expect other musicians to appear in this joyful expression of unity through art.

Piero Canino is a saxophone player who graduated only recently from the SMUM. He has already established his own style and is a confident player showing the influence of his teacher Gabriele Comeglio. Piero is particularly at home in the blues and his playing shows a maturity beyond his years. In Lugano, his guide is Irwin Hall who spent most of the last three years touring with Dee Dee Bridgewater so they are sure to be in the same language.

Trumpeter Nolan Quinn has continued his jazz studies and is now at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern with Matthieu Michel as his mentor. He is already an active professional and has appeared with Bill Carrothers, Oliver Ker Ourio and Tino Tracanna. Theo Croker is the grandson of Doc Cheatham who was so popular in Switzerland that for years it was almost his second home. Lugano is proud that there is this link, as well as the musical one, to bring these two young stylists together.

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