Blues to Bop | 28-31.08.2014



He, the Reverend, is well known and valued member of the blues tradition, not only as a performer but also as the author of his own songs. She, the Lady, has achieved notoriety by striking the strings of his bass in the Red Wine Serenades.


Reverend & The Lady, which are no one but Mauro Ferrarese (vocals, guitar, banjo and autoharp) and Alessandra Cecala (bass and vocals) started from an old station of South Tirol, where Mauro lives, to record their first album: "Tracks from ol 'station."


Their work is a various selection of popular music between the 20s and the 40s of southern United States, these songs that are part of the Afro-American tradition and beyond.
The album goes from blues to country music to old times, through the blues more "urban", from the ballad and the spirituals.


After the success in 2012 at the Lugano Busker Festival and in 2013 in Sessa, the group returns to perform at Blues to bop 2014. 



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