GREG SMTH | guitars
RAINA | vocals
Greg Smith has been the music director at Shanghai's Cotton Club for 14 years. He and the house band have been instrumental in developing the city's modern live music scene and the music they make reflects an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, and funk.
Greg and the band have had an opportunity to play and jam with many musicians including Wynton Marsalis, Nils Landgren and David Byrne to name a few.
As always, they can be found expressing their souls six nights a week.

Raina Sunshine has started singing and performing from very early age. At the age of 17 Raina started travelling around Asia and found her heart in Shanghai. It only took her a couple of months to be noticed by a band called “Cross Culture” where she later became one of the lead singers. 3 years after performing with Cross Culture, Raina has decided to focus on solo career. In 2008 Raina has joined first in China burlesque club called Gosney&Kallman’s Chinatown, got to perform at different events in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Then Raina met sound engineers and music writers Laura Ingalls and Clement Pony from Acid Pony Club. Together they started writing music and recording songs. Acid Pony Club and Raina have already recorded 7 tracks and are currently working on Raina’s solo album in Deep House and Soul music style.


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