Peaches Staten is a world-class entertainer who is known for jet-setting across continents spreading the joy of blues. One week she is in Europe, the next in South America, back to the states then off again at the drop of an e-mail to some corner of the world entertaining the masses. Here we find her standing as the last blues artist to do a live recording at the original Buddy Guy’s Legends. It is the last Sunday before it relocates after 21 years of being on the corner of South Wabash just steps away from Chicago’s Blues Festival Grounds.
Staten was born in Doddsville MS. and raised in Chicago on a steady diet of blues, soul, gospel and R&B fed to her by her mom who was a member of the Whale’s Inn Cicero Bunch Social Club and her stepfather was the DJ. She began her professional career in a zydeco band and an Afro Brazilian Samba ensemble and has gone on to work with the best that the blues has to offer and grace stages all over the globe. Her new CD, Live at Legends, is electric and Staten is engaging and energetic with a person- ality that pulls you into her inner cycle. She’s not only the entertainment but she’s also your hostess, your seatmate, your date and BFF all at the same time. She is an in- credibly talented player and surprises the audience when she plays it on boogie blues tunes like “Hole in the Wall” or zydeco-influenced originals like “Gotta Find My Man.” Her rhythmic style and musicality are impeccable and though you can’t see it
on record her high chorus line kicks and flirty two stepping give the audience a jolt which is translated into sound on Live at Legends!


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