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Michael Messer was born in Middlesex in 1956. Throughout his childhood and teens he played rock music with his two brothers and in various local bands. In his early twenties, Messer spent time in Nashville where he had the chance to meet and hear some of the ‘greats’ of country music performing in their home environment.  Back home in England in the late seventies, he began playing blues gigs, both as a solo artist and in various local bands in the early eighties.


In 1989 Messer produced and played on various album: with Venice Beach busker in “I Love You To” (1989), the solo album “Slidedance” (1990), “Rhythm Oil”  trio album with songwriter Terry Clarke and  Jesse ‘Guitar’ Taylor (1993). In 1995 saw the release of Moonbeat, which featured a mixture of world music and blues, as well as DJ Louie Genis (son of guitarist Ed Genis) scratching and sampling with old blues vinyl. In 2001 Messer released “King Guitar”, in 2002 Second Mind  and in 2006 he released his eighth album, “Lucky Charms”.


For the past couple of years Michael Messer has toured the UK and Europe and has been involved in various recording projects.



Born in the family of music lovers, Manish was introduced to Indian classical music by his mother.
After a few years of learning basics of classical singing, he took his initial training in Indian slide guitar
from the late, Shri Vishnu Waliwadekar.


Manish is an approved artist of 'All India Radio and Television' and has a Sangeet Visharad degree from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya to his credit. A strong urge to create quality music and rich sound, Manish experimented with altering the string arrangements and varying his playing techniques. Inspired by masters; Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pt. Debashish Bhattacharya, Taalim and blessings from his gurus, Manish developed a unique right hand picking style, blending it with powerful left hand slides. His mastery over the development of a Raga and the intricacies of Taal comes from the years he spent studying with his guru, the sitar maestro, Ustad Shahid Parvez.



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