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Joe Chiariello was born in Agropoli (Salerno), Italy 5 October 1996. Costabile “Puccio” Chiarello’s son, stock bluesman and exceptional guitarist, he almost learnt by himself all of the most he’s able to do today, working hardly from the moment on his dad made a present of a Robert Johnson’s most famous songs CD, after he listened to the legendary bluesman “Sweet Home Chicago” by chance, struck by lightning and liking it most than any other listening to this moment. So, suddenly, he understood both his real calling and what he would like to do for all his life; because of this, he followed this feeling more than all expectation, going on a route as rare as can be. From this moment on, 3 years are gone by and, today, the result is Joe, 15 years old, sings and plays blues as a first-rate and of rare skill Master. After listening to the good music always, growing absorbed in this kind of music, one day he decided he would only listening to blues, the origin one, the Great Fathers’ one, the universally acknowledged Delta Blues. This way, he was able to create for himself a very enviable and unthinkable blues culture, between books, films and records until to become a real expert about blues, with no rivals at the moment. He knows 100 blues artist, and all the artists of his favourite Delta. It means he has got all of their records, he listened to all their pieces and, working very hard day by day, he studied them one by one, in a very keenly way. Therefore, he’s able to recognize each piece only by few notes; more, he’s able to play the same style and the most important pieces of his repertory so quickly to astonish himself and he can’t explain to himself as all the people who knows him. Everybody talk about him as a real talent, a living wonder, an enfant prodige. I think he’s just like a reincarnation of a Mississipi Delta old bluesman, not in a physical way but in a spiritual way.



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