JIMMY JOHNSON | vocals and guitar
DAVE KEYES | keyboards
Jimmy Johnson, whose real name is Jimmy Thompson, is a former welder with a great passion for blues that led him to become one of the greatest singers and guitarists of this type of music.
Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Jimmy learned to play piano at an early age and throughout his childhood sang in various gospel groups. In 1950 he moved to Chicago where he worked as a welder, playing guitar only in his spare time. His professional music career begun in 1959 when he started playing with Slim Willis. However, he changed his name to Johnson (like his brother Syl). In the '60s he began to play more R & B, thanks to collaborations with Otis Clay, Denise LaSalle and Garland Green. In the mid-70s he returned to playing blues and began working with Jimmy Dawkins and his first single came out in 1978, when he was already 50 years.
In 1988, Johnson was seriously injured in a bad car accident in Indiana and inevitably had to move away from the world of music. He returned in '94 with the Verve and than in 2002 record with his brother Syl “Two Johnsons Are Better Than One”, followed by a live album two years later. With Buddy Guy, Jimmy Johnson is one of the few surviving representatives of the Chicago blues.
Larry Williams is a great bass player with an incredible stage presence and charisma. Larry has played inside and outside the U.S. and has played with James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, BB King and George Benson.

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