Ironing Board Sam gained his nickname in 1959 in Memphis, where he used to play his electric keyboard on an ironing board stand.

Born in 1939 in Rockhill, South Carolina, Sammie Moore (that is his real name) learned to play the organ from  his father and during his adolescence joined several local bands. His first professional job was in Miami, then he moved to Memphis, Chicago, Waterloo (Iowa), Los Angeles, Memphis, and then again to Memphis and finally to New Orleans. In the 70s he released several singles, but did not attract much attention from  the music press, although his evenings in the clubs were successful.

Ironing Board Sam is little known on the music scene because during his forty year career he has published very little, with the exception of a couple of albums and frequent appearances on the television show "Night Train". The public discovered this artist because of internet: in recent years people have been posting hundreds of videos of  his performances.

Ironing Board Sam's style combines elements of boogie-woogie and gospel with influences ranging from blues classics to his personal pieces.
The best description that can be made of this great artist of Blues music is his quote: "I play songs that were in the Top 10 in the 50s and 60s, but I play them in my way."

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