Tesserete, Sat 24.08.2013


Sessa, Sun 25.08.2013



"The Haze" is a family of nine elements and is a melting pot of diverse musicians from Ticino and the USA. Melody Tibbits, Sabrina
Jacob, Christof Zanecchia, Stefano Marinucci, Fabrizio De Gregorio, Daniel Lohmann, Will Ramsey, Alex Zanecchia and Armando Zanecchia met at TASIS the American School of Lugano, where many of them teach during the summer months. They are all professionals with a solid training behind and share a passion for classic rock and hippie culture. A passion that unites them in life as well as on the stage, where The Haze love to have fun and entertain their listeners in the spirit of Woodstock.


A distinctive feature of the band is the ability to animate the audience with a wave of positive vibrations, which will take place in
Tesserete, where they will be clothed with the Woodstock clothing of the era. The Haze propose an engaging evening, playing the songs of
Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Joe Cocker and all the icons of rock present at the famous festival of '69, as well as some current
pop songs remixed for the occasion and included as a surprise during the show.

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