Years ago someone wrote that Elliott Randall had always been considered a musician’s musician thanks to his good-natured personality and an eager, New York City vitality that finds expression in his single-minded love of the guitar. It has also to be added that it takes a special sensibility to be able to play on a Steely Dan session, solo with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and play on thousands of sessions from disco to solo guitar.
Elliott began by taking piano lessons when he was five years old but at nine, he switched to guitar, taking lessons from the legendary Roy Smeck. He first played at school dances but two years later he had his own quartet and, in 1963, at sixteen, he met Richie Havens in Greenwich Village and started playing professionally. From then on his life has been committed to music.

In July 1972, Elliott’s career reached a turning point. He was asked to help out on a new California band’s debut album. The group was Steely Dan, and Elliott displayed his well-honed virtuosity by creating the distinctively sizzling lead on “Reelin’ In The Years” but when asked to join the band, he respectfully declined and returned to New York. There, he decided to become “The New York City studio musician.” and for two years he played everything from rock to jazz to Salsa as his reputation grew.

For the last twelve years Elliott has been living in England dividing his time between London and the beautiful countryside of the North Yorkshire Dales where guitarist Steve Williams met him by chance in a music shop. It was Steve, a faithful fan, who persuaded him to appear at the Willowman Festival which he organises to showcase “Viking”, his Sound, Stage and Lighting company. Two members of Randall’s backing group, Williams and Dave Keyes, had met at Blues to Bop so it was a logical step to have this supergroup perform for the second time in Lugano.

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